Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my lovely followers 

Currently pitched at Teversal CCC


I got my snow but no igloo as yet.


Christmas Reindeer

Yesterday I found just enough time to visit my shed.

As it’s christmas my hubby suggested I make a reindeer

nothing to big just a simple one.

So after rummaging through my collection of driftwood

This is what I managed to create

2014-12-20 20.28.59

This took only a matter of minutes to put together

  if I had the space to display them

I would of gladly made the whole herd.

Driftwood project

As christmas is nearly upon us now, I will not really have the time to visit my shed come workshop. Although I have decided on a few more items to create.  My latest collection of driftwood is now sterilised and dry awaiting sorting into size.

                                                                2014-12-12 21.24.30

Though I may need more containers as I didn’t realise just how much I’d managed to collect.


I have a lovely photograph taken recently on a camping trip, of Runswick Bay that I’ve decided to frame with my driftwood.

                                                                2014-11-22 14.29.49

I will post the finished project in the New Year.

New Year Camping

So today I’ve been authorised holidays over the New year period.  In retail this is a pure miracle, which only means  one thing I’m going camping.

We have camped for several years now at this time. It’s awesome to bring in the New Year in a field with like minded people and start the year off how we intend to carry it on. The sites however vary, some years we have had lots of other campers or caravanners for company,  though some years have seen us on our own.

We do tend to get the odd remark about being crazy even from the caravanners. Rest assured we are not crazy and as yet have not had bad weather. Though I’d personally love to wake up to a snow covered tent. We own several tents one being a Soulpad 4m ease  which I imagine would look like an igloo with snow upon it.

                                                                    SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

This year though we will be trying out our new Palamos 6. Having used it during summer and autumn we want to check out it’s coziness in winter. All of our tents are canvas/polycotton of one grade or another no flimsy polyester here. Though to be fair we did start off with one and some of the top brands like OutwellVango have really come along way.



The only thing we have to do now is decide where to go. How far do we travel ? Do we use a CS site or opt for a larger site. Both have their pro’s and con’s. Will the weather be unkind before we leave ? I hope not and if it does decide to snow please let it be after we have pitched.

One thing is for sure though, once we arrive we wont have a care in the world.

Do you camp or caravan at Christmas or New year ? I’d love to read your take on it.

Christmas Markets

I’ve visited a number of christmas markets over the years, and my favourite two are Prague (Czech Republic) along with Lincoln ( U.K)

Both have a great variety of food stalls. The mouth watering aroma’s draw you in to the endless stalls of sausages,cheese,pastries and not forgetting the mulled wine.  There is nothing better than wandering aimlessly around with a mug of mulled wine and a handful of roast chestnuts.  Feeling more christmassy by the minute.

Lincoln christmas market  is held within the castle. With it’s cobbled streets and Cathedral nearby the sounds of carols floating through the air, only adds to the romance of christmas.


Prague Christmas Market  is held in several closeby locations.  I particularly liked the fact that each stall holder had their own brightly coloured shed.  This I also noted when I visited Whitby, they are really charming.

But it’s the craft stalls that set them apart from other markets. With gifts available to suit all budgets.  You are sure to come home with unique handmade items that you just wont find anywhere else.

Whilst in Prague I purchased some lovely glass table lamps and everyone comments on them year after year. I’ve yet to find anything like them in the U.K.

                                                                              2014-12-12 18.58.16


Do you have a favourite christmas market ?














Big Boys Toys

looking out at my rather large garden I realised how unloved it was becoming. Between working and camping somehow the garden had been left to fend for it’s self. Aside from making sure we had room to pitch the tent after a wet pack up. A brief once over and grumble about having the time, weather permitting of course to tackle the jungle growing before us, was now all the attention it got.

                                                             2013-05-02 07.58.53

Hubby has always joked about having a ride on mower, so with our wedding anniverary approaching the cogs started to turn. After hubbys recent heart attack this would also make it more managable. He is a gadget freak and if it’s available he’s got it. Every year is a battle to beat him to the next gadget, this year he would be receiving his largest gadget.

The window shopping began and I was starting to think that our forgotton wilderness would remain forever. I had no idea of the size and ranges available or the matching price tags. I spent weeks drooling over some rather nice mowers. However I decided I could not justify the price for the amount of use it would really get. So not to be put off I scrolled through pages and pages of project mowers. Providing I purchased a mower with a good engine the other details were managable even to a novice.

I managed to secure a mower with delivery a godsend as I don’t drive, I didn’t want hubby to have to collect. While waiting for delivery I had the urge to make a large red ribbon bow, like you see on new cars in showrooms. Unfortunately hubby was home on delivery day so no giant bow.

Hubbys face was a picture on discovering what his gift was.  However he was not quite so impressed with the tlc it required.  All was soon forgiven when our neighbour a custom motorbike builder set his eyes upon it.  The boys as I now refer to them have taken on the project with gusto last seen some 30 years ago.

                                                               2014-11-15 16.15.04

Every spare moment has been spent by the pair of them mulling over the mower.  It has been a real joy to hear grown men giggle like a pair of school boys.  It has been stripped bare a new cutting deck and custom exhaust fitted, now with plans in the making for a repaint.  It will probably no longer resemble a mower on completion. Sadly it is now winter and we are days away from our first snowfall of the year.

In the spring our long lost garden will finally get the makeover it has been crying out for,  I’m also very certain it will be the last time I have to nag for the lawns to be cut.

I will post to update when the mower is finished and the garden finally has it’s first trim.

One last thought, as christmas is only weeks away I wonder what project I will open on the 25th….





Secret Santa


It’s arrived!!

                                                                           2014-12-08 20.46.37

December is upon us and from nowhere, there is that one colleague who pounces on you the moment they spy you entering the workplace.

Before you can greet them, the tub stuffed with bits of crumpled paper that are adorned with every colleagues name on, is merrily thrust under your nose.

“Pick one Pick one,who did you get? I wont tell ” wink wink

I never spill the beans about my Secret Santa,after all it’s a secret right?

                                                                              2014-12-08 20.43.16

With the crumpled bit of paper in my hand,I’m seriously praying I didn’t get the Boss but also wishing I’ve picked the department clown.The boss is the hardest person to buy for,I could be paying back for the next millenium.Unlike the clown who would be so easy to grab a gift for,with an endless amount of comedy sketches flashing through my mind from the years we have worked together.

Unrolling my chosen scrap of paper I’ve managed to draw neither.I’ve ended up with a colleague I barely see therefore hardly know anything about hmm not good.

For the next few days I’m casually hanging around the office desperately trying to unearth my colleagues likes and dislikes.Not having a great deal of luck I casually strike up a conversation regarding our upcoming department christmas meal.All is revealed when memories of drunken antics on previous nights out are rolled out.

I’m in luck Red wine is a favourite tipple,a quick dash to the wines and spirits department whereby our not so trusty BWS colleague knows all the gossip surrounding the drinkers within store.

Armed with my new-found knowledge I just need to select a bottle bag.Oh dear this could take sometime,I’m bowled over with the huge selection of designs.

So after several days of pondering I’ve now chosen the damn bag,the bottle snuggled within and yes I’ve sellotaped and stapled the bag closed.No peeping allowed.

                                                                            2014-12-08 20.45.32

Hmm wonder who my Secret Santa is!!

Cornwall Camping & Driftwood Crafts

Yippeee we finally made it to Cornwall,the camp that was put on hold.

The weather is glorious on our arrival and the site is very peacefull.We are not the only campers we have several other tenters caravanners and motorhomers for company.Many of whom have taken up late season special offers.On talking with fellow campers we are suprised to find that they had the mother of all storms last night.The weather report for the week is looking rather soggy.Not put off in the slightest as we have waited far to long for this break.

The site littlewinnick is in the beautiful district of St Austell.A site we would readily come back to.

There are plenty of walks from site and it also boasts direct access to the Pentewen Cycle Trail.We walked to Pentewan beach which also had a quaint pub

Although our week was at the end of the holiday season we still found there was plenty to do and see,the benefit we found was no queues or bustle.Just what we both really needed.

We spent our days wandering around the harbours and small villages.Where we were very impressed with the meals on offer.Our evenings were spent relaxing in the tent planning where to go tomorrow.

We were asked by familly to stay in contact whilst we were away.So to give them piece of mind,we took along our laptop and skyped our elderly parents from the tent.Their reactions were pure amazement as we gave them a guided tour of our home from home for the week.

As with all holidays it comes to an end so much quicker than you want it to.We brought back the usual gifts and information packs however I also came home with a new hobby.Having fell in love with the many driftwood sculptures that are in every shop window.I decided to try my hand at making a driftwood tree.I ordered the driftwood from the internet and set to, working out where and how I would have the space I needed..Hubby has set me up in a small garden shed.So once again I have another sanctuary.

I’m really enjoying working with driftwood,I have found it to be very relaxing.I’ve also found an artistic side that has been buried deep within me.Family and friends have suggested selling my items but I’m just happy doing what I do for now.Maybe one day I will though at the moment I don’t need the stress of another job,which i’m sure it would turn into eventually and the added risk of losing my enjoyment.I might add that I have not had any panic attacks,since I put my mind to work on my new hobby.

Our latest camping trip took us to the coast,yes I know not the weather for the seaside.However I had other plans.Finally managing to get a pitch here Graffitoe Farm ( awesome views of the beach ).Quite a lot of the open all year sites were waterlogged and we struggled to find a coastal site.

Kind of like two birds one stone,I decided to see if I could collect some driftwood from the nearby beaches.I did manage to source enough to make a small item.Yet to be decided though.I felt like a bigkid again running up and down the beach without a care in the world.How I needed that.Hubby also had his turn at being a bigkid, catching waves as they came crashing in.Though one wave has cost us a new camera,we had lots of fun and came back wet through of our own choosing.

The weather again was suprisingly mild for November. Views were amazing and again no hustle and bustle.We were the only Tent and had one caravan for company.Again another site I would really like to return to.

Watch this space.

If you have time I would really like your feedback on my blog