Christmas Markets

I’ve visited a number of christmas markets over the years, and my favourite two are Prague (Czech Republic) along with Lincoln ( U.K)

Both have a great variety of food stalls. The mouth watering aroma’s draw you in to the endless stalls of sausages,cheese,pastries and not forgetting the mulled wine.  There is nothing better than wandering aimlessly around with a mug of mulled wine and a handful of roast chestnuts.  Feeling more christmassy by the minute.

Lincoln christmas market  is held within the castle. With it’s cobbled streets and Cathedral nearby the sounds of carols floating through the air, only adds to the romance of christmas.


Prague Christmas Market  is held in several closeby locations.  I particularly liked the fact that each stall holder had their own brightly coloured shed.  This I also noted when I visited Whitby, they are really charming.

But it’s the craft stalls that set them apart from other markets. With gifts available to suit all budgets.  You are sure to come home with unique handmade items that you just wont find anywhere else.

Whilst in Prague I purchased some lovely glass table lamps and everyone comments on them year after year. I’ve yet to find anything like them in the U.K.

                                                                              2014-12-12 18.58.16


Do you have a favourite christmas market ?















2 thoughts on “Christmas Markets

  1. I’ve heard great things about the LIncoln market. Both daughters visited last year, as one lives in Lincoln, so I think a visit is a must next year.


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