Big Boys Toys

looking out at my rather large garden I realised how unloved it was becoming. Between working and camping somehow the garden had been left to fend for it’s self. Aside from making sure we had room to pitch the tent after a wet pack up. A brief once over and grumble about having the time, weather permitting of course to tackle the jungle growing before us, was now all the attention it got.

                                                             2013-05-02 07.58.53

Hubby has always joked about having a ride on mower, so with our wedding anniverary approaching the cogs started to turn. After hubbys recent heart attack this would also make it more managable. He is a gadget freak and if it’s available he’s got it. Every year is a battle to beat him to the next gadget, this year he would be receiving his largest gadget.

The window shopping began and I was starting to think that our forgotton wilderness would remain forever. I had no idea of the size and ranges available or the matching price tags. I spent weeks drooling over some rather nice mowers. However I decided I could not justify the price for the amount of use it would really get. So not to be put off I scrolled through pages and pages of project mowers. Providing I purchased a mower with a good engine the other details were managable even to a novice.

I managed to secure a mower with delivery a godsend as I don’t drive, I didn’t want hubby to have to collect. While waiting for delivery I had the urge to make a large red ribbon bow, like you see on new cars in showrooms. Unfortunately hubby was home on delivery day so no giant bow.

Hubbys face was a picture on discovering what his gift was.  However he was not quite so impressed with the tlc it required.  All was soon forgiven when our neighbour a custom motorbike builder set his eyes upon it.  The boys as I now refer to them have taken on the project with gusto last seen some 30 years ago.

                                                               2014-11-15 16.15.04

Every spare moment has been spent by the pair of them mulling over the mower.  It has been a real joy to hear grown men giggle like a pair of school boys.  It has been stripped bare a new cutting deck and custom exhaust fitted, now with plans in the making for a repaint.  It will probably no longer resemble a mower on completion. Sadly it is now winter and we are days away from our first snowfall of the year.

In the spring our long lost garden will finally get the makeover it has been crying out for,  I’m also very certain it will be the last time I have to nag for the lawns to be cut.

I will post to update when the mower is finished and the garden finally has it’s first trim.

One last thought, as christmas is only weeks away I wonder what project I will open on the 25th….






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