Secret Santa


It’s arrived!!

                                                                           2014-12-08 20.46.37

December is upon us and from nowhere, there is that one colleague who pounces on you the moment they spy you entering the workplace.

Before you can greet them, the tub stuffed with bits of crumpled paper that are adorned with every colleagues name on, is merrily thrust under your nose.

“Pick one Pick one,who did you get? I wont tell ” wink wink

I never spill the beans about my Secret Santa,after all it’s a secret right?

                                                                              2014-12-08 20.43.16

With the crumpled bit of paper in my hand,I’m seriously praying I didn’t get the Boss but also wishing I’ve picked the department clown.The boss is the hardest person to buy for,I could be paying back for the next millenium.Unlike the clown who would be so easy to grab a gift for,with an endless amount of comedy sketches flashing through my mind from the years we have worked together.

Unrolling my chosen scrap of paper I’ve managed to draw neither.I’ve ended up with a colleague I barely see therefore hardly know anything about hmm not good.

For the next few days I’m casually hanging around the office desperately trying to unearth my colleagues likes and dislikes.Not having a great deal of luck I casually strike up a conversation regarding our upcoming department christmas meal.All is revealed when memories of drunken antics on previous nights out are rolled out.

I’m in luck Red wine is a favourite tipple,a quick dash to the wines and spirits department whereby our not so trusty BWS colleague knows all the gossip surrounding the drinkers within store.

Armed with my new-found knowledge I just need to select a bottle bag.Oh dear this could take sometime,I’m bowled over with the huge selection of designs.

So after several days of pondering I’ve now chosen the damn bag,the bottle snuggled within and yes I’ve sellotaped and stapled the bag closed.No peeping allowed.

                                                                            2014-12-08 20.45.32

Hmm wonder who my Secret Santa is!!


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